Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Omega 5 oil meltdown – The hazards of placing great products on shelves

Sometimes, it is hard to know which business risks are real and which risks are theoretical. In this case, it is easy.

Pomega officials have recently been notified by buyers of high end retailers in the Bay area that the POMEGA5 products are literally flying off the shelf, whereby shoppers are bypassing the traditional way of paying at cash registers and leave the stores with the POMEGA5 products without payment.

Stores as far away as Palo Alto have reported that they can not keep the pace of replenishing the products, shoppers simply can not wait to use the products, and in their haste, they forget to pay.

For a while, the company has been educating doctors, trade buyers, editors, merchants, friends and even family members that the Omega 5 products are fabulous with a view that the word will spread around and more people will come to enjoy the unique qualities of the oil and the products derived thereof. As the POMEGA line has quickly gained official respect and a devoted fan base, the company did not expect to become a victim of its own success.

The company that prides itself on being environmentally correct has taken the approach from day one that less packaging is good, and has refused to follow the footsteps of other green companies who indulge their customers with excess boxes and paper. But now POMEGA will likely have to come up with solutions to battle the POMEGA5 syndrome of the disappearing products.

Certain stores in the Kentfield CA area actually have refused to carry the products indicating that their customers are notorious for snatching high end products off the shelves and were concerned that with these new products, there could be a run on the shelves. Therefore, their clients are relegated to low quality products that are cheap and not efficacious. Top quality as you know, does cost money.

Company officials have reasoned that this is not a regular case of Kleptomania but rather the rush of consumers to adopt the new products, like the rus to purchase the IPhone, perhaps an undercurrent of an Omega 5 oil cult.

Concerned that their products will end up being displayed behind locked glass displays, like alcohol or novelty items out of sight or reach of its customers, company officials have advised us that consumers should not expect an extreme makeover but should expect some changes in the packaging of the POMEGA products that are sold in stores, no changes will take place for internet sales.
Bloggers have already embraced the products of the POMEGA5 line see:
Should POMEGA adopt the slogan: "Stop stealing our products -- relax, there is plenty for everyone" ?
What do you say?


Anonymous said...

What a shame, I really hate going to the store looking for the POmega5 products and finding that they are not available becuase of shoplifting.

I guess I will have to purchase the POmega5 gel caps on line.

Cheryl Q.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clue, I shall order online at www.pomega5.com.

I still believe that it si a shame that the products are stolen -- give us a break, we want to shop for the healing crean in a regular store.


Los Angeles

Cheryl said...

I splurged and bought a cleansing bar from this company:

It is the most wonderful scented soap I have every come across. I unwrapped it and left it in my kitchen. It was noticed, believe me. It now makes my bathroom smell nice also. To say nothing of my skin when I use it.

It has a lemony scent. The ingredients in the cleansing bar are listed on the website. The lotion is quite expensive, but I'm tempted to buy it.

Maybe if I mix it with something unscented?

Heavenly, it really is.