Thursday, August 9, 2007

The shape of things to come -- a company promoting Omega 5 is a sponsor of the “Teens for Safe Cosmetics” campaign

Who are they? Teens for Safe Cosmetics, in collaboration with the National Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, is a coalition led by dynamic and passionate young women working to raise awareness about potentially toxic ingredients in our cosmetics and personal care products that may be linked to cancer, reproductive harm and other health risks. You can see them on YouTube:

Past Achievements: The Teens for Safe Cosmetics campaign members were very instrumental in the passage of SB484 The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2005, thanks to their 11th hour lobbying efforts in Sacramento that caused California's Governor to sign a bill into law that was on tap to be vetoed.

Their Goals:

Educate: to create awareness and educate teens and consumers about safer and healthier choices through public events, actions and activities with the goal informed choices about the cosmetics and personal care products used daily.

Advocate: to advocate for policy change that would eliminate chemicals from our daily use products and demand that company’s reformulate, properly label and disclose every single ingredient contained in their products.

Empower through Action: to reach a mass audience of teens and community members and engage them in trying and using greener alternatives through activities like the Green Spa.

Action Items:

They want everybody to be aware of the Dirty Dozen: and see also:

Show time: you must see these clips placed on YouTube ---

The Sponsorship:

Pomega5 Booth Jam-Packed At Teens For Saft Cosmetics' Project Prom Rally To Rock The Beauty Imdustry

SAN ANSELMO, CALIFORNIA, May. 8 -/E-Wire/-- Pomega5, the industry's first complete line of organic pomegranate seed oil nutritional supplements and therapeutic skin care, successfully introduced its "Cleanse Your Face and Body" promotion at the Project: PROM rally - helping moms and teens get clean naturally. Nearly 1,000 Pomega5 Cleansing Bars were given away (clearing out all the available samples) to hundreds of teens and moms when they visited the jam-packed Pomega5 booth during the rally held by Teens for Safe Cosmetics on Tuesday, April 24 in Union Square in San Francisco, California.

The company's goal was to educate consumers about safer options to the chemical-laden personal care products currently available, while presenting healthier, safer choices for both women and the environment. Visitors learned about healthier skin care alternatives, while sampling the company's 100% pure and natural Cleansing Bar - a soap-free cleanser made with organic olive oil, organic pomegranate seed oil, herbs and essential oils known for their restoring and healing properties.

"We are totally thrilled that we were able to participate in this important grassroots effort and have the opportunity to meet with hundreds of teens and their moms," declared Tzeira Sofer, founder and President of Pomega5. "Our table was mobbed the whole time, which gave us a fantastic opportunity to help educate women about the unsafe chemicals they put into their bodies daily and to offer them more natural products."

Hundreds of teens and adults (donning prom attire and combat boots), participated in the Project: PROM Rally organized by Teens for Safe Cosmetics and supported by "green" sponsor companies, to raise awareness about potentially cancer-causing chemicals present in cosmetic and personal care products, educate peers and the broader community about safer choices and ultimately lobby for changes in laws to protect a woman's right to health.

A Teen Line is Born

At the rally, Sofer and Erin Schrode, founding member of Teens for Safe Cosmetics, revealed that they will take their partnership to the next level, developing a new teen inspired line. Erin PUREvolution - a fresh, natural line of safe, healthy, organic products just for teens consisting of both skin care and cosmetic products will be introduced this fall. Inspired by the mission and energy of Teens for Safe Cosmetics and created with the specific needs of teens in mind, the Cleansing Bar, Lip Shine and Nourishing Tonic will retail for between $10-$25.

"Erin and I have the same passion and desire to change the industry and give women healthier choices," said Sofer. "This line will be healthy, pure, fun and affordable to teens."

About Pomega5:

Pomega5 is the industry's first complete line of organic pomegranate seed oil nutritional supplements and therapeutic skin care. The brand is dedicated to providing women with healthy, natural alternatives in their skin care and nutrition choices, and in educating women about overall health and wellness.Pomega5 products can be found at Molly Stone's, Vitamin Express, Whole Foods and at
About Teens for Safe Cosmetics:

Teens for Safe Cosmetics is a coalition led by teens working to raise awareness about cancer-causing chemicals present in cosmetics and personal care products. The goals are to affect public policy and educate peers and community members to better understand the risks associated with the toxic ingredients in daily use products. Contact Info: Mimi Field, Pomega5


Sara Cox said...

What a great way to encourage young teenage girls to take control over their cosmetics now that they are aware of the artificial products on the market.

I wish I had this choice when I was growing up.

The companies supporting this campaign are clearly the future of cosmetics.

Keep going girls,

BTW, I tried the POMEGA5 products, they are fantstic. How do they come up with both clean and high end products?

Sara Cox

Anonymous said...

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