Monday, August 13, 2007

California skin care company wins first prize in internationally acclaimed show for its superb all natural Omega 5 line

The Global Cosmetic Industry magazine has reported that the EX-TRACTS, the beauty and wellness show, named t'Zerah Skincare as the winner of Best New Product. The t'Zerah Forbidden Fruit Collection won based on the line's creative innovation, visual appearance, technological makeup and overall excellence. The line includes pomegranate seed extract as a primary ingredient, as you are aware, pomegranates are viewed as anti aging fruits.

t'Zerah was founded by Tzeira Sofer. A practitioner in nutritional healing and an expert on women's health and wellness, Tzeira was looking for an authentic, holistic approach to skin care for herself and her family. From her research into ancient healing recipes, she knew that behind the beauty of fresh fruits, flowers and trees, lies awe inspiring restorative power. Working with experts on healing plants and ancient skin care in Israel, and formulators of exclusive skin care lines in France, she developed a line of skin care treatments based on age-old recipes, with a modern, indulgent aesthetic that appealed to her own well-developed sense of style. Today, Tzeira is joined by a small group of dedicated designers, formulators and beauty and skin care experts that share her passion and commitment to providing skin care products that are pure, honest, and as luxurious as they are efficacious.

Certain testimonials

"I'm 57 and have good skin anyways, but the difference I have seen since using t'Zerah skin products is extraordinary! I use the Serum Grenade Intensive with Crème Bois de Rose Petal on top, and my skin is absolutely vibrant. I look at least 10 years younger. I couldn't go one day without it. It is fabulous, worth every penny!" Marlena CA

"Crème Grenade Anti-Rides is wonderful! The cream is rich, but not greasy at all, and the scent is beautiful. I have roseacia, and have had bad experiences with many face creams, but this one is so mild and gentle, and makes my skin feel so soft. Thank you for such a wonderful product." Irene in Keedysville, MD

"I just love Creme Bois de Rose Petal! The scent is wonderful (and I'm really sensitive to smells!) and my skin feels so soft. I only use the best skin care products, and this cream is definitely one of the best I've ever tried. Plus, the packaging is beautiful!" Kim in Kentfield, CA

"I use Or l'Or de Nuit Illuminating Lifting Serum and love it! Within minutes of applying it, I can feel it working. It really wakes up my skin. Thanks!" Tamara in New York, NY.

"Since starting to use t'Zerah products, I have noticed a difference in the texture of my skin - so much smoother, healthier and more youthful looking. I especially love the Grenade Actif serum. It seems to be almost instantly absorbed, and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh." Christine in Toronto, Canada

I have been using t'Zerah's Creme Bois de Rose Petal Velvet Hydrating Cream for about six months now. From its pure, intoxicating scent to its velvety texture, I love the ritual of using it every day. It makes my skin feel better, and it makes me feel better. A wonderful product!" Lynn in San Rafael, CA

II have really enjoyed using Serum Grenade. It is so refreshing and stimulating. After applying it, my face feels ready for what ever comes next! I use it with the Crème Grenade Anti-Rides, and my face feels soft and silky all day. And most importantly, I love that the key ingredient is Omega 5 pomegranate oil, which is such an important anti-oxidant." Chicki in Houston, TX

"I have been using t'Zerah products for the past year. They are really great - very pure, and perfect for my dry skin. My skin just glows, and many people have complemented me on my complexion. I give t'Zerah high marks!" Jane in San Francisco, CA

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Mary Lomas said...

Nowadays, there seems to be such a variety of skincare products available to us, which claim to have the latest discovery in creating a flawless complexion. Pay X amount of dollars for this miracle cream and it will magically erase all of your skin’s imperfections. Unfortunately, the majority of these products are loaded with plenty of toxins, which may contribute to certain forms of skin allergies, sinusitis and even possibly be carcinogenic.

More than eight percent of the cosmetic products on the market today contain one or more ingredients that have been documented to create adverse reactions. These reactions include dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), acne, hyperpigmentation and many other adverse effects. Product appearance, shelf life and cost of materials are the main factors manufacturers will usually take into consideration, when it comes to choosing ingredients. As a consumer, however, you should be aware of the contents of your skin care products and know what their functions are before purchasing. Ask for an ingredient list from the manufacturer of the product line in question and familiarize yourself with any harmful components. Today, there are many books and other publications available to the public through our libraries, many bookstores and even on the Internet, which discuss cosmetic ingredients and their negative impact on our bodies.

When you make a purchase, make sure you don’t buy items because they smell good, come in pretty colors or have unique packaging. Try to remember that the products you purchase will be applied to your skin, which is your body’s largest organ. Avoid making the mistake, of assuming that the skin forms an impenetrable barrier to chemical substances. The layers of our skin are open to penetration and passage of synthetic substances into our bodies. It is a tragedy that American consumers are used involuntarily as test subjects for ingredients and thousands must suffer adverse reactions before these substances, are taken off the market.

If you are searching for completely natural, skin care products, you will definitely have a hard time finding them available on the commercial market. One of the main reasons is that commercial products contain synthetic preservatives, which help maintain their shelf life for about two to three years. Without some type of preservative, microorganisms would multiply freely within products, and create horrible side effects (such as skin allergies or even blindness). However, synthetic ingredients are cellular toxins and have caused allergic skin reactions and dermatitis.

Many are carcinogenic and believed to create possible systemic reactions even though, they have not been studied thoroughly. This is definitely a frightening thought, but we have other options to minimize the negative impact of preservatives.

Skin care products can be produced with natural preservatives, like essential oils or antioxidants to help maintain a limited shelf life and help to dramatically decrease side effects. There is also the possibility of these products being produced without preservatives, which would require a highly sterilized environment for the manufacturing process and definitely refrigeration once opened. Many large companies will not perform such a process, because the lack of a sufficient shelf life. You will find though, many smaller companies, especially family owned, to incorporate natural preservatives into their products to offer today’s customer a more natural alternative.

Mary Lomas