Monday, August 27, 2007

Celebrity skin care line linked to Omega 5 oil success

Celebrities visiting the Backstage Creations Retreat during rehearsals at the 2007 Golden Globe(R) Awards left glowing and more relaxed after receiving a complete t'Zerah skin regimen, including Or' l'Or de Nuit Illuminating Lifting Serum, made with pure white powder gold and inspired by the Golden Globes themselves!

Courteney Cox Arquette, Jessica Biel, Bai Ling (Lost) and Jenna Fischer (The Office) were among the high-profile guests who visited the retreat and went home with an exclusive collection of t'Zerah products presented in a custom made ivory silk box filled with flower petals and wrapped in hand made Japanese rice paper.

Overheard at the Retreat

Before they left, many of the stars raved about this luxurious product. Melina Karakaredes from CSI: NY called the products "lovely," Jenna Fischer exclaimed, "The products smell great! I could really use this (Or l'Or de Nuit) on Monday." And Hayden Panetierre of Heroes said, "I love this scent!"
But it wasn't just women who were impressed, after trying the face cream, Terrence Howard said, "Mmmm. That feels good! Can you hook me up with two of those boxes?"

T'Zerah, a luxurious couture-quality line of skin care inspired by the ancient knowledge of the restorative power of plants, was selected as the exclusive skin care line at the Backstage Creations Retreat during the Golden Globe rehearsals on Saturday and Sunday. Nearly 60 celebrity presenters were invited to visit the retreat over the weekend.

T'Zerah is made with only the freshest, purest essences of flowers, fruits, plants and precious minerals carefully selected for their ability to harmonize with the skin, rejuvenating and restoring its vitality and radiance. You can truly feel the difference -- the products have a freshness and vitality that has become the t'Zerah signature.

We also happen to know that The TZerah line uses Omega 5 oil for certian of its fantastic products.

Backstage Creations is the leading company providing corporate clients an exclusive opportunity to personally introduce their products and services to celebrities. Invited celebrities visit custom designed "Retreats" to relax and choose products selected by event organizers as "thank-you" gifts. Backstage Creations has created celebrity retreats at various industry events including the Golden Globes Awards, People's Choice Awards and Billboard Music Awards.


Sophie Nevis said...

Wow, I looked at the Tzerah web site:

It is a gorgeous line, what a fantastic creation, sheer beauty.

I shall purchase it online.


Mary Lomas said...

Nowadays, there seems to be such a variety of skincare products available to us, which claim to have the latest discovery in creating a flawless complexion. Pay X amount of dollars for this miracle cream and it will magically erase all of your skin’s imperfections. Unfortunately, the majority of these products are loaded with plenty of toxins, which may contribute to certain forms of skin allergies, sinusitis and even possibly be carcinogenic.

More than eight percent of the cosmetic products on the market today contain one or more ingredients that have been documented to create adverse reactions. These reactions include dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), acne, hyperpigmentation and many other adverse effects. Product appearance, shelf life and cost of materials are the main factors manufacturers will usually take into consideration, when it comes to choosing ingredients. As a consumer, however, you should be aware of the contents of your skin care products and know what their functions are before purchasing. Ask for an ingredient list from the manufacturer of the product line in question and familiarize yourself with any harmful components. Today, there are many books and other publications available to the public through our libraries, many bookstores and even on the Internet, which discuss cosmetic ingredients and their negative impact on our bodies.

When you make a purchase, make sure you don’t buy items because they smell good, come in pretty colors or have unique packaging. Try to remember that the products you purchase will be applied to your skin, which is your body’s largest organ. Avoid making the mistake, of assuming that the skin forms an impenetrable barrier to chemical substances. The layers of our skin are open to penetration and passage of synthetic substances into our bodies. It is a tragedy that American consumers are used involuntarily as test subjects for ingredients and thousands must suffer adverse reactions before these substances, are taken off the market.

If you are searching for completely natural, skin care products, you will definitely have a hard time finding them available on the commercial market. One of the main reasons is that commercial products contain synthetic preservatives, which help maintain their shelf life for about two to three years. Without some type of preservative, microorganisms would multiply freely within products, and create horrible side effects (such as skin allergies or even blindness). However, synthetic ingredients are cellular toxins and have caused allergic skin reactions and dermatitis.

Many are carcinogenic and believed to create possible systemic reactions even though, they have not been studied thoroughly. This is definitely a frightening thought, but we have other options to minimize the negative impact of preservatives.

Skin care products can be produced with natural preservatives, like essential oils or antioxidants to help maintain a limited shelf life and help to dramatically decrease side effects, except that omega 5 oil has unique properties. There is also the possibility of these products being produced without preservatives, which would require a highly sterilized environment for the manufacturing process and definitely refrigeration once opened. Many large companies will not perform such a process, because the lack of a sufficient shelf life. You will find though, many smaller companies, especially family owned, to incorporate natural preservatives into their products to offer today’s customer a more natural alternative.

Mary Lomas

Lori Soslov said...

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No matter what your skin condition POmega5 will most definitely revitalize your skin and reduce the signs of aging, smooth rough skin texture, stimulate cell renewal, restore elasticity, rehydrate your skin, firm and tighten and overall restore your skin to its naturally beautiful condition.

In terms of use Pomega5 also seems relatively friendly in that the products contain all natural ingredients with no side effects that are also healthy for the body both inside and out.

While the value of any product needs to be evaluated completely by the individual based on their own needs and goals, Pomega5 appears to be a safe, easy and effective natural treatment for your skin care and may be the best skin care product

Lori Soslov

Skin Pigments said...

Celebrity skin care line linked to the information her.e useful post

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