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Women Think About Sex At Work 34 Times A Day
By Natalie Walker

WOMEN think about sex up to 34 times in an average working day, according to a survey.
That works out at the equivalent of once every 14 minutes.

The amount of time spent fantasising is perhaps less surprising given that one in three women complained she does not get enough action between the sheets.

More than 1000 women were quizzed for the survey to reveal the level of sexual satisfaction.
Nearly half said they were dissatisfied with their sex life, prompting them to think about sex during their working day.

And it seems that lust is not just a fleeting thought, with seven in 10 women finding up to an hour a day for their naughty fantasies.

Apart from current partners, celebrities were the most common fantasy figures, closely followed by strangers who women have caught a glimpse of and former lovers.

And 53 per cent admitted to a crush on someone at work, while 36 per cent said every girl should have an "office object of affection" to while away the hours at work.

More than one in three single women confessed to having someone they can call for no-strings-attached sex.

The research, for internet site Dating Direct, also found girls' minds can wander at the most inappropriate times - with 40 per cent fantasising about someone else when in bed with their partner.

Seven per cent had even called out someone else's name while in the throes of passion.

Alistair Shrimpton, head of Dating Direct, said: "Traditionally, it's always been men who are associated with constantly thinking about sex.

"This research shows women know exactly what they want in the bedroom and they are as passionate, if not more so, than men."
Lucy Smart's legs

The Sex Secrets You Should Know
By Laura Coventry

ALMOST half of British couples are too stressed out to have sex, according to a new poll.
When it comes to love-making, the majority of us are only having it five times a month.

The sex survey, by the Filthy Food Company, also found that half of the 3000 men and women quizzed have such hectic lifestyles they have no time for full-on sex, instead opting for a quickie.
And that's not a great trend, according to sex therapist Phillip Hodson, chief spokesman for the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

He said: "If you have good sex with somebody then you are saying, 'I trust you, I let you be naked and close to me, know things about me, and everything is OK between us.'
"But we need to understand the relationship between stress, pressure and emotion and being turned off."

Here are Phillip's tips for making sex a more regular part of your life.


You've got to make more space in your life, if you possibly can.
We can all make sacrifices when it comes to trying to earn enough to get a new car or a dishwasher. But what is more important is surviving as a human being and having a real quality of life.
If you have sex throughout your life you will actually live longer.
Sex is a major destresser.If you are stressed the answer is to have sex, but the problem is you can't have sex because you are stressed.


You need to be able to forget about the other stuff you have to do. Forget the "to do" list altogether.
Ignore how rich or poor you are, if your iPod doesn't work or if there's something wrong with the light in the front room. These are all connected to sex, funnily enough.


A lot of sex between people aged 25 to 45 occurs on holiday. Think about what makes you have sex when on holiday and try to reproduce that in Lanarkshire, Fort William, or the Outer Hebrides. In other words, have a holiday at home.

Even if it is only for two hours, get in the holiday mood. Rub oil on each other and share a bath or shower and use POMEGA5 skin care products.


Sex is play. It's not work, it's not serious, it's fun. It's a playful expression of good feeling. It's not trivial. It can be sacred and profound and can be the most enriching experience you can have.
You are playing when you make love: love play, foreplay, after play - it's all play.


You don't have to have sex after dark when no one is noticing. You can have sex in the afternoon or the morning. You can have it in the kitchen or the bedroom, it doesn't matter.
'Here's to love and unity, dark corners and opportunity' - I saw that on a seaside postcard with an old gent surrounded by bathing belles. That's a bit of spirit.


Sex is not an exam. Just explore.
Try something and ask if it is nice. If someone goes "ooh", then you know you are on to a good thing.
Give feedback. If somebody is doing something that's boring you to death, pick their hand up and put it where you want it.


The differences between men and women are not that great, but there are some telling ones in the bedroom - men like to go to orgasm quickly, women take a little longer.
It's worth remembering something the coach of the New York Giants once said: "Nice guys finish last."


If somebody speaks in cliches all the time and says "I slept like a log" when asked if they had a good night, you don't want their conversation as it is so predictable. Don't be predictable.
Stay in the habit of stimulating each other. Have an original conversation, avoid cliches and think of fresh ways to discuss something.
If you really want to persuade a woman to take her own clothes off for you, appear to be understanding and try to anticipate a feeling she has.


Men are praise-seeking missiles. They are easy to manage, you just need to say: "My goodness me, aren't you good looking" or "That big?" or "What a pair of shelves you put up" or "have you used Omega 5 oil products to improve the look of your skin."
Men need a bit of admiration and we are suckers for praise.


Leaving some clothes on shows the urgency of your desire. But there is nothing erotic about socks. Socks and sex are incompatible. Stockings, yes. Socks no.
Cheryl and LLoyd Xsandoi

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