Friday, February 29, 2008

POMEGA5 skin beauty -- your grandma was right

Grandma’s days are [not] gone
Lucille Aubner

29 February 2008, Friday

‘BEAUTY LIES in the skin, so it needs care.’ Looking good is an added value to your personality. If you want to look stunning, glamorous, smart, subtle and sophisticated, feel more confident and of course an extra edge, then opt for numerous skin care products of reputed, renowned international brands available in the market, especially conceived and designed to look after your skin.

However, the days of grandma’s herbal treatment and naturopathy (milk, rose, sandal wood and turmeric powder) are not gone. The advancement of science and green technology in cosmetics has changed the phenomena of old skin care treatment. The research and development in the beauty care laboratory and skin care therapy (Dormo expertise) has gone sea change, producing innovative, effective cosmetic products each and every day to cater the beauty hunters.

Fashionably, today’s people are more concerned to get lovely, smooth and happy skin and are conscious enough to understand the skin types, its tones and tenors, conditions and disorders, detecting invisible and visible signs of decaying and ageing skin -- but the growing trend is going green, which means no parabens, chemicals, etc. . They are interested in knowing how to re-energising skin cells through proper nourishment in and out, pampering their skin applying skin care products to reduce the dry patches, fine lines, and wrinkles. They take prescribed diets for the perfect skin to look dramatically younger with soft, clean, fair and gorgeous skin that can breathe.

An overview of a few from the plethora of skin care products that can give you a perfect picture and sound knowledge and also update with market trends:

The heavenly solutions

Pomega5 Toner [green]
Revlon vitamin C absolute eye contour radiance cream
Garnier skin naturals wrinkle lift anti -ageing cream
Avon solutions cellusculpt anti-cellulite sliming treatment

These banish puffiness almost instantly, replenish moisture to minimise fine lines and boost your skin’s natural renewal system, prevent scars and blemishes, help ditch dimples and guard against future cellulite leaving skin soft and firm.

Elegant cleansers:

Pomega5 Cleanging Bar [green]
Dove beauty bar,
Vichy purete thermale one step cleansers,
Christian Dior purifying lotion,
Clarins’gentle exfoliating refiner

These make you get rid of impurities and feel rejuvenated. The body-soother and face-wash gentle are enough for sensitive skin that banish tough grime, help your skin retain its natural moisture. The tantalising toner leaves your skin perfectly clean, pure and matte, polishing away dead cells and kick-start skin renewal.

Immaculate bases

Fair and Lovely perfect radiance skin satin conditioner,
Revlon colour stay makeup,
Elizabeth Arden finish concealer,
L’Oreal parish ideal balance

These perfect your skin by absorbing excess oils and impurities, giving a satin soft matte feel. The prime powder gives a natural finish, a flawless look mattifying excessive oiliness and moisturising the dry areas simultaneously.

Marvelous face gunpowder
Pomega5 Healing Cream [green]
Revlon night cream,
Lotus herbal 3-in-1 matte look daily sun block SPF-40,
Lakme matt effect icy fresh gel,
Oriflame milk and honey body lotion

The magnificent moisturisers are truly the crème de la crème of a lot.
The night pamper improves skin clarity and prevents formation of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. The sun protector mattifies while protecting skin from ultra violet radiation (UVR), making skin supple sans the grease, and body lotion hydrates driest patches without sticky feel.

T'zerah Cream an-rides [green]
Mani and pedi embellishers
La Prairie cellular cream,
H2O plus smoothing mint foot scrub,
Oriflame relaxing foot bath etc…’

These are great to slug away dry flaky patches and lighten pigmentation, drive away fatigue and dryness.

Apart from the above-mentioned skin and body care solutions, the range of today’s skin care products is superb in numerous incarnations, especially developed to prevent future decaying, protect healthy skin and correct previous damages. Check these out.
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