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POMEGA5 is Considering Start-up TV Network Fundability to Raise National Awareness of Green Technologies in Nutraceuticals

POMEGA5, a greentech company, is considering a VC investor round

Start-Up TV Network Launches Fundability Web Site to Connect Entrepreneurs with $50 Billion in Investment Capital

FOLSOM, Calif., Feb 25, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Start-Up TV Network Inc. today announced Fundability as its new company brand and the launch of www.fundability.com, a new web-based marketplace where investors and entrepreneurs make serious investment connections.

With angel investors and venture capital firms investing more than $50 billion every year in seed- to mid-stage companies, Fundability's online marketplace helps venture capitalists and angel investors find quality deal flow and accelerate the early stage funding process.

Fundability uses web video and rich media to showcase companies combined with due diligence tools that simplify investors' research and communications.

"We built Fundability with a hands-on understanding of early stage investing from both perspectives - the entrepreneur's and the investor's," said Steve Nilan, Fundability's CEO and co-founder. "We start with quality deal flow and qualified investors in a friction free environment where interaction is easy and painless. It's all about accelerating time to funding through better communications, VC-caliber diligence and syndication tools in a secure environment. It's just a better way to get deals done."

Fundability bridges the gap between the fast pace of entrepreneurial startups and the slow and inefficient fundraising process.

Entrepreneurs can send their company's Fundability Deal SnapShot(TM) (a weblink to their online, interactive executive summary) directly to investors. The Deal SnapShot(TM) communicates in a single screen what otherwise would require many megabytes of email attachments or large printed documents. Qualified investors can search for deals in the marketplace that meet their personal investment criteria (industry, stage, funding round) and perform online due diligence in Fundability's DiligenceRoom(TM).

Investors can also choose to have pre-screened deals sent automatically to them by creating an "Investor SweetSpot." Investors can join or start a Virtual Investment Group and syndicate deals with other groups or individual investors within the Fundability network.

Deals are already flowing through the site.

During the company's beta phase in the third and fourth quarters of 2007, several companies used the Fundability platform, including two that closed rounds totaling more than $5 million from a venture firm, Velocity Venture Capital, with a syndicate of angel investors.

Jadoo Power (www.fundability.com/jadoopower) raised more than $3 million in less than 60 days using the Fundability Platform. Marquiss Wind Power www.fundability.com/marquisswindpowerinc) completed a $1.5M Series A in under three months.

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Fundability is available to entrepreneurs for a monthly subscription of $49.99. Accredited investors who complete an SEC questionnaire are given a free basic membership to the site. The Company also offers private-labeled versions of the Fundability platform to investor groups, investment banks, venture capital firms and later stage companies that need private deal flow management and investor relations websites.

About Fundability

Fundability, based in Folsom and backed by Velocity Venture Capital, was founded by investors and entrepreneurs who have first-hand experience with the challenges of early stage investment. We know that raising capital is tough for entrepreneurs and that finding a fundable deal is never simple for the serious investor. Fundability brings innovation to the early stage funding process and accelerates connections between quality deals and qualified investors. Fundability is the new business marketplace where deals get funded faster. For more information, go to www.fundability.com.

About the Company
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