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Omega 5 oil skin care products for men -- not a new idea anymore

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Maybe you don't want to look stupid by asking your girlfriend or worse--another guy-- what certain skin care products do. Maybe you're too busy with the yard work or too preoccupied with channel surfing to visit the department store's makeup and skincare counter to ask a skincare specialist. Whatever qualms are stopping you from finding out how certain men's skin care items can help you, you can now find the answers here without shame.

Whether you know about the importance of a skin care regimen or not, as you get older it is important to be aware of how to take care of your skin. Even if you don't do more than shave each day, there are men's skincare products that you may want to consider trying if you haven't already. Are you confused about where to start and what steps a skin care regimen should consist of? No worries, help is here for you.

The Regimen

For women, the steps of cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing are embedded in the same way most men know their favorite sports team's stats. It's a type of ingrained knowledge that maybe you as a guy would never thought was special enough to make a difference in your life. But if you want to remain God's gift to women for years to come, you might want to start paying attention to how you're treating your skin.

A skincare regimen is essential for a number of reasons. One, it's a simple way of maintaining clean and well-groomed skin. Two, a daily skin care routine can help solve or prevent a number of skincare problems you may be experiencing, from breakouts to oily or dry skin patches. Three, shaving takes a toll on any man's skin, and a daily routine will aid in relieving your skin from razor bumps or cuts. Finally, it just feels good to know that you're taking that extra step to keep your skin looking and feeling good at all times.

But do these same steps mentioned above really apply to you? Maybe it does and maybe it doesn't. The trick when putting together a skin care regimen is finding which steps will benefit your skin. With the help of, let's break down a typical morning and evening skincare regimen (yes, you have to do this process twice to have a real affect...don't zone out just yet!):

Morning Regimen:
For most skin types: Cleanse --> Shave (if needed) --> Tone --> After-shave --> Moisturize For oily skin types: Cleanse --> Shave (if needed) --> Tone --> After-shave For men with beards: Cleanse --> Pre-shave --> Shave --> Tone --> After-shave For ingrown hair: Cleanse --> Scrub (exfoliate) --> Pre-shave --> Tone --> Spot Treat --> After-shave --> Moisturize
Evening Regimen:For most skin types: Cleanse --> Tone --> Moisturize For oily skin types: Cleanse --> Tone
What Does This Stuff Do?
Here's a quick rundown on what some of these men's skin care products do for your skin:
Cleanser: This skincare item is used for cleaning your face and removes oily residue, dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells. This is the basis of skin care and the most important step. Never use regular body or hand soap for your face!

Toner: After cleansing, many people use toner, which is designed to remove any traces of skin cleanser, water, dirt and bacteria. Toner also moisturizes the skin, cleans out pores, balances the skin, restores the right pH value and prepares the skin for the rest of your regimen. When using toner you may feel a slight tingling on your skin--this is normal and is just the toner doing its job of tightening your pores.

Scrub (Exfoliator): An exfoliating scrub is a way to gently get rid of tough, dead, dry and flaky skin without causing your face to breakout out or become red and irritated. There are a bunch of facial scrubs for every skin type and you normally don't need to use it everyday.

Spot Treatment: For you guys that shave, spot treatment can be just the skin care product you need. Spot treatment helps eliminate ingrown hairs and razor bumps. There are a number of spot treatment products on the skincare market designed for men's skin and is gentle enough for all skin types. You can use this item as much as you want and it's as simple as applying it to your problem spot and letting it dry.
After-Shave: This product is a fragrant lotion applied to the face after a man finishes shaving. Many after-shaves contain alcohol, which explains the uncomfortable and sometimes painful stinging sensation that happens when applied--especially if you cut yourself! After-shave helps prevent infections from cuts, numbs damaged skin, acts as a type of cologne and also moisturizes. Some men use after-shave and some don't--it's your call. If you have sensitive skin and just can't bear the stinging, there is after-shave balm available that is botanical and doesn't contain alcohol.

Moisturizer: If you experience dry, flaky skin after washing your face, moisturizer will help correct this skin care problem. Moisturizer was created to hydrate and protect the skin. Think of it as a specialized lotion made just for your face. You can apply moisturizer as much as your skin needs it, especially if you have a dry skin type but for men with oily skin, you may want to skip on this skincare step. Over moisturizing will only make your oily skin worse.
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