Sunday, June 22, 2008

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Is your life a mess? It’s time to take control!

Most of us have filled our minds with a myriad of concerns that take up space and energy that you could be spending on something far better for your soul.

Deal with things that are weighing you down

They say that an unfinished task is one of the most exhausting things there is, because the longer you put it off the more it drains you of energy. Rather tackle those tasks and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with it. The same applies to relationships that have gone sour. If you have had a fall out with someone and are no longer on speaking terms, but you’d really like to be, just brave it and try to clear the air. Life’s too short; just do it and you’ll feel a million times lighter afterwards.

Declutter your work space and your home

Sounds like work, doesn’t it? But it’s well worth the effort because clearing out the spaces around you can be so uplifting. Feng Shui fans will tell you that the items around you store the energy of things that have happened in the past, and by having a clear out you can make a fresh start. Whatever your beliefs maybe, having a good clean out will help you clear your head. Be pretty ruthless with what you’re going to get rid of, and in South Africa there is always someone who can use what you no longer need. Take anything worthwhile to a charity and give yourself some brownie points.

Learn to say no

Many of us languish under the belief that we have to say yes to be nice. What often happens is that life gets busier and busier and you are left with no time to treat yourself, nourish your soul and reboot your body. If something will put you in a time crunch and under pressure, politely say no and try to keep your life simple. If your lifestyle is simple your thoughts will be too.

Give your head a break

Is your head crammed with things you have to remember to do and appointments you mustn’t forget. Write them down in a diary or on a calendar and ease up the space on your mental hard-drive.

Don’t worry, be happy

Worrying is exhausting - and we so often worry about things that don’t ever actually come to pass. This makes worrying pretty pointless. It also makes you miss out on the good moments in the present. So stop worrying about the things you can’t control and enjoy your life today.
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