Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to look beautiful?

Physical Beauty And Diet

You want to look beautiful, major portion of this depends on diet. Your diet decides how healthy and beautiful you are. Thus, eating proper diet is essential for those who want to look beautiful. Here are some of the important ingredients that you have to add in your daily diet and improve physical beauty.

Vitamin C-Vitamin C is the essential part of diet. If you want healthy physical beauty and want to look beautiful you have to take vitamin c as your diet element. All citrus food like oranges and grapes also strawberry, red bell peppers and broccoli are good sources of vitamin c. Vitamin C activates fibroblast cells, which make collagen, the tightly packed and carefully organized support system sitting under the skin’s surface, and hence helpful for clear skin.

Fats- Fat is also diet good if you want charming physic. Oily fish like salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids and in particular Omega 5 made of pomegranate seed are helpful for hydrating and nourishing skin.

Drink plenty of Water- Water is an important thing not only it hydrates you also removes the toxins from the body. It will refresh you and make the skin glowing. Drink around 10-12 glass of water daily as it keeps you supple.

Increase iron and zinc for strong hair, nails and smooth skin-Fortified cereals, lean beef and oysters are brimming with zinc and iron. Zinc is a critical beauty multitasker, which contributes to every enzyme in the skin, including those that help create collagen and produce new cells. It also helps in healing wounds. Zinc and iron are key to cell production in hair follicles, a deficiency in either nutrient could also cause hair to thin or even fall out.

Vitamin B-Food that is rich in vitamin b proved good for the healthy and shiny hair. Eggs, milk and green vegetables are good sources of vitamin b. silica is good to keep your hair elastic, shiny and healthy. Raw oats, cucumber skin, onions and bean sprouts are rich in this mineral.

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