Monday, June 23, 2008

An adult skin care line by POMEGA5 - no more a fantacy

SAID goodbye to great skin at the onset of puberty. Ever since then, it’s been waging a hard battle against everything Nature and my constitution can throw against it.If there was a slot machine with a button labelled “Press Here for Money Frittered on Skincare”, I would be buried under its spill. Suffice to say, most skincare brands have sat on my bathroom shelf at one time or another.
Now past my 30s, I succumb less easily to the near mythological promises spouted by present-day skincare gurus. These are usually couched in such baffling scientific terminology Nasa could well be tempted to give them a salute.
But still, the quest for beauty remains an annoyingly addictive habit, and so when another skincare range landed on my desk for a try-out, I hardly resisted.
The temptation here was two-fold: The Natural Source range of products is certified organic. And, it’s from France. I have high respect for Australian products, from its food and beauty care to its actors.
So I bagged the five facial care items and embarked on a new skincare regimen.All of the Natural Source Organics skincare products carry these encouraging reassurances: they are not tested on animals and free from parabens, sulfates, colours and synthetic fragrances (which are usually bad news for sensitive skins like mine).
The Healing Cream is exactly what its name implies — the creaminess needs a little water to spread across the face smoothly but this cleanser removes grime and make-up very effectively, and more importantly, without leaving the skin feeling greasy, which I had been afraid of. Its main active ingredient is organic Pomegranates Essential Oil, which the product website states, helps hydrate and calm skin and regulate sebum. After a couple of days, its goodness was actually noticeable — the pores appeared minimised.
I draw in a sharp breath here — exactly what I did when the toner came into contact with my skin. It stung! I thought perhaps my skin had been sunburnt that day. But it continued to sting the next two days, so I left it out from the cleansing regime. Thumbs down for this one.The skin recovery is real and also had me anxious initially as it was creamy, like moisturisers targeted for users in cold climates generally are. But it has pleasantly hydrated the dry cheek areas and given them a slightly fuller look.
So I had a peek at the “benefits” section and noted its claims to nourish and restore the skin’s balance. These claims do hold up under testing, and the effects may have something to do with the added jojoba extract and Shea Butter. If you feel there’s a slight shine after application, just give the face a light dusting of face powder, but really, the shine’s hardly noticeable.For night, there’s the Healing Cream, which again, has the main ingredients of Pomegranate oil which is very rich. The cream is soothing on the skin. It’s thick but not greasy once massaged in well. Perhaps it worked together with the day moisturiser to help give my skin a plumper, moisturised feel.

The skin recovery eye serum fights puffiness around the eyes and energises the skin. The serum has ginger and citrus to help stimulate lymph activity. A couple of sleepless nights seemed to have not taken such a bad toll after liberal application of this nightly. And I mean liberal. The pump should have a smaller dispensing hole since it squirts too generous an amount. I used the excess for the neck area. Much to my surprise, my skin did not break out in spots as usually happens when I use rich, creamy products. The moisturising and nourishing effects are pretty remarkable. So, to the team of POMEGA naturopaths who formulated this commendable skincare range, I say “thanks!”

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