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Woman's World links cellulite treatment to POMEGA5

CLA combined with cellulite therapy shows dramatic improvement

Impressive" results were published of apilot study investigating the effects of an herbal therapy and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) as an integrated approach to fight cellulite [Adv Ther 2001 Sep-Oct;18(5):225-9].

Cellulite is the body's way of storing fat in women to ensure enough calories for pregnancy and lactation. Fibrous membranes that lay between deposits of soft tissue work to gather fat into discrete pockets. These bands of connective tissue run from the dermis to deeper layers of connective tissue that separate muscles from organs, and allow the skin to dimple and become irregular [American Academy of Dermatology].

For the study, 60 women were assigned to three groups; one, taking an herbal anti-cellulite pill alone, and two other groups taking the herbal pill plus 400 mg and 800 mg of CLA, respectively.
At the trial's conclusion, there were "visible but minimal" improvements in cellulite appearance in only two women who took the monotherapy and an average loss of 0.33 inch of thigh circumference. Eleven women in that group showed no improvement, the investigators wrote.

In the group taking the combination therapy with the lower dosage of CLA, eight women showed improvement in cellulite appearance, but ten showed none. Thigh circumference decreased an average of 0.58 inch.

However, of the women taking the combination treatment with the highest dosage of CLA, eleven showed improvement in cellulite, two displaying "marked improvement." The average loss in thigh circumference was nearly one inch.

"...The results obtained with the CLA supplement were more impressive and occurred in a higher percentage of participants," the study authors concluded.
POMEGA5 contains CLA

Best way to rid self of seriously awful cellulite, short of surgery?

As I lurch through my thirties, I find myself carrying around some serious cellulite on my thighs.
And arse. And... arms and belly. Knees even. I swear to god, one minute I was 21 and sort of plump but relatively firm and the next, in my thirties, wobbling and sagging like some kind of terrible 'before' makeover picture.I know this might seem like shameless-vanity filter, but it really is distressing me. I'm posting anonymously because it's screwing with my head.
I feel horribly embarrassed and ashamed, to the point of tears and refusing to take my clothes off, and turning down invitations to go swimming, or to the beach.
This isn't just a bit of cellulite, or a little wobble, it's... awful. Really. I feel borderline deformed.
So far I've been:1. Cutting out caffeine (tea, coffee, coke, red bull, V etc).2. Cutting back on processed food. (Main vices have been chocolate and icecream.)3. Stuffing myself with moderate portions of fruit, veg, wholegrains and protein.4. Exercising like a mofo, starting with weights 3 x a week, walking and swimming and building up (slowly*) to add in cycling and running5.
Taking a multivitamin daily.*Slowly because I want these changes to stick and also my knees are buggered.I already drink 2-3 litres of filtered water daily and have done for a couple of years. My skin improved immeasurably zit-wise, but it did nothing for the cellulite. Unless, I suppose, it could be worse.I've done a fair bit of googling about creams and lasers and diets and exercise and things, but there's not much that isn't advertorial.
And so, hive mind, I ask what (if anything) you have done for your dimples - that has worked?1. Supplements (apart from the obviously not-very-good for you fen-fen and the like)?2. Creams? (Head tells me total bunk, but hope springs eternal.)3. Endermologie, lasers?4. Healthy eating and exercise? (This seems like the obvious one to me, but about how long 'til you saw improvements?)
And I have the obligatory anon gmail address if anything comes up here that needs a reply: lonesome dot thighway at gmail dot com.Last, could I pre-empt anyone suggesting that referring to myself as deformed is a little extreme? I know.
But that's how I feel. I also know I should learn to love myself for the beautiful unique snowflake I am. And I'm working on that. For now, I'm just looking for advice on reducing cellulite. posted

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