Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Green Beauty trend is very strong in 2008

POMEGA5 Products

The green beauty trend has reached a tipping point, and companies from Whole Foods to Clorox are vying to be the greenest.

With limited federal regulation of labeling terms like "natural" and "organic", corporations are self-regulating and jockeying to establish their version of green as the industry standard. The result is a product labeling frenzy.

Earlier this month, Whole Foods Market launched a premium body care labeling initiative. Sephora quickly followed by defining natural beauty last week. Even Burt's Bee, who was recently acquired by Clorox, is setting the natural standard.

In 2006, only 4% of beauty product launches claimed to be organic. Today, organic skincare is one of the fastest growing industry segments and the term has lost a little luster. Consumers purchasing organic products now want to know if the ingredients were sourced locally or support fair trade principles, and companies are responding with more labels and more certifications.
The new company on the block is POMEGA5 with superb omega 5 oil products. They present astounding technology in cosmeceuticals.

And it isn't only what's on the inside that counts. Product packaging is going greener too. Using post-consumer paper and plastics used to be sufficient.
Now companies are moving towards zero (not less) waste. Joshua Onysko of Panega is leading this charge with his packaging that literally sprouts herbs when planted. (It works... I've tried it.)

This competition to differentiate on green terms (differgreentiation) is a bright spot in an industry traditionally known for intimidating ingredient lists, questionable product safety and dubious marketing claims.

It's exciting that skincare companies are starting to consider the overall environmental impact of their products from sourcing to disposal, especially after watching this video.

Last week I had the opportunity meet with Dr. Nitasha Buldeo, founder of Organic Apoteke. I think she put it all in perspective by pointing out, "Who wants to look beautiful in an ugly, dirty world?"

New entries to the POMEGA5 club


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