Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Omega 5 oil skin care takes the fear away from those who are concerned about the health of their skin

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Better fit than ugly!

Fear of looking unattractive is a stronger motivator to get fit than hope for those worrying about their bodies, says a study.
Want to lose weight, but a strong motivation is missing? Then, why don’t you try fear as suggested by a study, conducted by Professor Brett Martin, of the University of Bath’s School of Management, and Dr Rana Sobh of Qatar University.
In the study, half of 281 male and female undergraduates were asked to imagine a physically unattractive version of themselves they feared they might turn into. Then, they asked the participants to either imagine a scenario in which they dramatically failed to keep to a fitness programme or one in which they dramatically succeeded.
The analysis of the study showed that those who had been asked to think about a dramatic failure to keep to the programme were motivated to keep on training because they were fearful of not looking good.
Those who were asked to imagine they were succeeding in getting fit became less motivated to continue at the gym because they no longer had this fear of not looking good. The study reveals that fear of failure motivates people more than gaining some success, which demotivates them. This fear of failure is particularly strong when people feel they can already see signs of the feared self they are striving to avoid.
The findings revealed why marketing works or doesn’t works for some products like gyms to get a better body or cosmetics to reduce wrinkles.

“How consumers see themselves in the future has a strong effect on how motivated they are to keep using a product or service,” said Martin. “When people dwell on a negative future, fear motivates them, yet as they move away from their feared state - a flabby body, or a wrinkled skin - they become less motivated.
“At that point, marketers should take advantage of another insight of our study - that of motivating people with a more positive outlook,” Martin added. Martin found that among those who were asked to think positively about their bodies, the other half of the 281 surveyed, being successful in keeping to the fitness programme made them even keener to keep going to the gym. Failing to keep to the programme demotivated them.
“Once someone moves away from their ‘feared self’ - in this case an unattractive body - because they are successful in the gym, they lose motivation, so highlighting thoughts of being unattractive is unlikely to work,” said Martin.
The researchers found that 85 per cent of those who wanted to avoid a feared unattractive self responded to a scenario where they were failing in the gym by wanting to press on, compared with 65 per cent who were succeeding in the gym who were motivated to continue. They found that 91 per cent of those thinking positively about their bodies responded to a scenario where they were succeeding in the gym by wanting to press on, compared with just 57 per cent of people who were failing in the gym and wanted to go on.
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You can practically set your watch by it. Seems like every couple of weeks, some once-powerful, now-embattled politician has gotten himself into a royal scandal. And when it involves sex, it's even more salacious.
Most of us can't fathom how any man would be willing to risk giving up a perfectly good political gig, let alone his marriage, family, reputation, etc., for a romp with a hooker.
So why do men in high-power positions take such a chance?
When I first heard about the Eliot Spitzer scandal, I immediately wondered what's not going on in Spitzer's marital bed. After all, when your average married man goes to a prostitute, it's often because he's sexually dissatisfied or sexually deviant. ... But Gov. Spitzer is no ordinary man.
Regarded as an egomaniac by many, this guy has been known to shake things up, to challenge the status quo and to follow a bolder vision. Interestingly enough, all of these are indicators of a man with lowered inhibitions.
Why does that matter?
Research shows that people consumed with power experience an adrenaline rush. This helps to explain why some people are willing to push the envelope — and why someone like Spitzer may have been unable to control himself.
Complicating matters even more is the fact that people with power are:
— Overly optimistic;
— Likelier to take risks;
— More likely to pursue their own personal needs for satisfaction.

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