Friday, March 7, 2008

Are you heavy or healthy -- and can Omega 5 oil help?

What is your (BMR) Basic Metabolic Rate.

Well in a nutshell this figure represents your resting energy needs in order to maintain life keep vital organ function and maintain life as a whole. Why is this important you may ask, well as you probably notice over the years your eating habits tend to remain a bit consistent as in you don’t tend to consciously think about what your eating.

I’m not saying you don’t think about how or what your eating but just eat regardless of the content of your food or eat what you have always eaten as in quantity also, how does this become a problem well over the years our weight can tend to creep up on us and we start thinking how come I am putting on weight, nothings changed much still eating the same foods.

So why the weight gain well as we get older our metabolic rate changes and slows down so eat the same foods in the same quantity and you’ll gain weight.

So what you need to know is what your basic metabolic rate is for your age then once you have this information you will know what your calorie intake should be for the amount of your doing and how much deficit you need in order to loose of which I am about to give a example.

So if I want to keep losing or so the theory goes I go to this site BMR calculator and input my details this is to give you a example so here is my result 2078

So then what you need to do is go to the calorie calculation page which is based on the Harris Benedict formula so I use the x 1.55 figure so therefore 2078 x 1.55=3220 calories so now you subtract 500 from that total and in my case it is 2720 and that will account for the 500 calorie deficit in order to lose one pound of fat.

So it’s quite plain to see if you go less than the figure quoted then you will stop loss and above it will gain .
Pomegranate seed oil can help maintain your BMR.

Pomegranate has been a wonder fruit since ancient times. It finds mention in Greek Mythology and literature detailing ancient Hebrew traditions. The modern world has now woken up to the wonders of this fruits that is rich in vitamins and minerals, besides having amazing healing properties.
POMEGA5 has developed a range of healthy products that used pure pomegranate seed oil.

Product Highlights
a. This is a line of organic pomegranate seed oil nutritional supplements and therapeutic skin care products.
b. These products have been developed to soothe, moisturize and heal dry and irritated skin.
c. The basic ingredient of these products is 100 per cent organic, ultra-premium and extra virgin cold pressed pomegranate seed oil.
d. Pomegranate seed oil is rich in punicic acid, phytoestrogen, Omega-5 conjugated fatty acid and CLA.
e. It is immensely beneficial for overall health.
f. It improves skin, breast, uterine and prostate health.g. It helps in fighting the problems and symptoms associated with menopause.
h. It improves immunity, metabolism and aids in maintaining an ideal weight.i. It improves circulation and balances the pH levels of the body.j. These products are sold in big boxes filled with Styrofoam peanuts.
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Do not forget to exercise

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