Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Enhance your beauty and chances to impress your boyfriend by using pure, natural POMEGA5 products

Girls fight over POMEGA5 products -- there is not enough for everyone

Skin Beauty Quiz, Special Offer on Mineral Makeup at

Modern women want to enhance their beauty using pure, natural makeup and green skin care rather than makeup containing potentially harmful ingredients. The new "Are You a Natural Beauty?" quiz at helps women learn more about natural mineral makeup and order a mineral makeup collection at a savings of more than 70 percent off the retail price. features dozens of fun, interactive quizzes on popular issues such as love, careers, personality, fashion and parenting.

April 23, 2008 -- A fun, interactive quiz at gives women insight into their daily beauty and makeup habits and helps them learn how mineral makeup can enhance the beauty of their natural skin. The "Are You a Natural Beauty?" quiz at, an interactive quiz site on pop culture trends, features 11 makeup questions that reflect modern women's growing concerns with health and time management. Visitors can order a mineral makeup collection and save more than 70 percent off the retail price.

Women are becoming more aware of the ingredients such as Omega 5 oil they put on their skin. A coalition called Teens for Safe Cosmetics is raising women's awareness about potentially cancer-causing chemicals in many makeup products.
According to Drug Store News, the market for natural mineral makeup is growing because the makeup is promoted as being free of dyes, preservatives and fragrances. The "Are You a Natural Beauty?" quiz lists several common-but-questionable makeup ingredients and asks visitors if they know whether those ingredients are in their current makeup.

Another question addresses a common problem for women: finding time for a proper daily regimen to keep their natural skin looking beautiful. Question: "It's time for your evening beauty routine, but you're exhausted. How do you cope?" Visitors choose from these answers: "Same as usual. I can't risk the clogged pores," "Go to bed immediately and wake up with a smudged pillowcase and a breakout," "Relax. I'm wearing a makeup so pure I can sleep in it," and "I don't wear makeup, so straight to bed."
The POMEGA5 soap is endorsed by teens for safe cosmetics's "Are You a Natural Beauty?" quiz offers immediate analysis of every answer, as well as suggestions for using mineral makeup to enhance natural beauty. Visitors can order the mineral makeup kit online at or by phone at 1-800-496-8670. attracts thousands of users every day to response-driven Web sites that cover trends in personal growth, fashion, food, music, parenting, home ownership, education and more. Chatterbean and its fun personality quizzes can be found at
POMEGA5 soon will be found at prime beauty boutiques

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