Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fact: sex is better than Omega 5 oil supplements -- but POMEGA5 skin care will help you look a lot younger

With today’s companionship constantly frowning upon aging and advertisements constantly urging consumers to buy products to tighten, firm, and rejuvenate their skin, our society has placed a very high value on youthful appearances. No one wants to look old, so a natural product to help this is very important. However, just because consumers want to use natural products doesn’t necessarily mean they will, as many wonder if natural products will actually work. Despite some concealment from the consumer, the favor of all natural anti-aging products is on the rise. Although many products can help minimize signs of aging, companies are spasmodic efforting to recommend the start of preventative skin care regimens in a woman’s late teens.

The key to preventing aging is care skin clear, pores unclogged, and you skin moisturized in your twenties so that by the time you reach your thirties, aging is not quite as evident. By age thirty, collagen levels start to reduce, and skin starts to lose its elasticity. It is important to continue a skin care routine and work in some anti-aging products. By age forty and beyond, it’s extremely important to continue the regimen you have form in your thirties while adding an anti-aging serum.

On top of a regular skin care routine, it is essential for women to use products that live in continence some level of SPF, which is very important for preventing fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Along with SPF, antioxidants are critical in anti aging products, preventing free radical impair and also minimizing facial redness by constricting protecting fine capillaries.
Good antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients include omega 5 oil products made of pomegranate seeds such as, blueberries, blooming tea, ginkgo biloba, cucumber, aloe, lavender, and cranberry seed oil. Our favorite is the Omega 5 oil.

Moisturizing the skin is also an anti-aging indispensable, helping the derma provide nourishment and adding cushion to support the skin. A good moisturizer like the Healing Cream by Pomega5 will also help to fight dry skin and wrinkles. Some moisturizing formulas used in Japan have an ability to provide omega essential fatty acids and help to slow the composition of wrinkles. Jojoba, aloe, and avocado oils are also extremely hydrating and effective in the conversion and face of fine lines and wrinkles.

Since aging can cause the skin to be discolored, there are many products that can help to minimize the appearance of age spots and help to brighten and even out skin tone. A skin tone balancer, using natural skin lighteners such as kojic acid, lemon cite, and bilberry extract, can stop the process of melanin production and also reduce existing age spots. Sugar cane extract and sugar maple extract act as natural exfoliates, which help to brighten the skin by acquisition rid of dead skin cells. Night creams containing macadamia nut oil, mulberry bark, and licorice extracts help to firm and illumine the skin and also lighten age spots.

Although natural products are definitely better for consumers’ skin, they frequently have short shelf lives. In order to fight this, many companies create smaller batches with shorter shelf lives, to make sure that customers will use the unmixed returns face to face with it expires. For retailers to sell anti-aging products and compete with mainstream lines, marketers stress that is needed to make consumers aware of how great natural skin care is.
However, Pomega 5 now has paraben free skin care which can last over 24 months, a total breakthrough for the industry. This is real green technology in cosmetics, a perfect fit for the LOHAS market.
You can purchase POMEGA5 products at Futurenaturals or orhter premiere catalogues

We recommend Omega 5 oil porducts for healtier skin


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