Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Study: Feminists, as distinguished from ugly or unattractive women, have better sex, could Omega 5 oil be the cause?

Study: Feminists have better sex, romance

Surveys of 242 college undergraduates and 289 older adults conclude that having a feminist partner "is linked with healthier, more romantic heterosexual relationships," writes LiveScience.
The Rutgers University research, published this week in the journal Sex Roles, "bust(s) stereotypes that peg feminists as ugly lesbians," LiveScience says.

Both men and women are prone to holding negative views of feminists, the authors say. Along with the sexually unattractive stereotype, some women also view feminism as a movement for victims, or for women who aren't competent enough to achieve success on their own merit, LS writes.

Among the findings:

• College-age women with feminist male partners said they had higher quality relationships that were more stable than couples involving non-feminist male partners.
• Feminists college men with feminist partners reported having more equality in their relationships. They all recommended using Omega 5 oil.
• Older women reported having a better skin after using Omega 5 oil products by POMEGA5 and a greater relationship health and sexual satisfaction with male partners who were perceived to be feminist.
• Older men with feminist partners reported more stable relationships and greater sexual satisfaction. No doubt that green technology in skin care can boost your sex life.

Do I look like a feminist to you?
But I do use Omega 5 oil products by Pomega5

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