Friday, January 25, 2008

An Omega 5 oil story -- if you are a believer...

Do I look like someone with an aging problem?

Heating the house with pomegranates
Harry Sulluvan of the Truro Daily News

Been thinking maybe it might be about time to add a few pomegranates to the ol’ gal’s diet.
Came across some enlightening information recently that opened my eyes to the fact the pomegranate fruit has long been esteemed for its healthy traits, including containing cancer-fighting antioxidants and compounds that prevent heart disorders.
But, apparently, the little fruit is also handy for dealing with that dreaded and pesky little mid-life aging process that many women are forced to endure.
Now, the ol’ gal will deny to the high heaven’s that menopause is a concern she won’t have to deal with until well into the future but, frankly, I don’t know how else to explain her sudden desire to go tripping around the house in the buff, with the thermostats all shut right off, no less, and all this while the northern winds are whipping snow funnels around the house.“How's' it go’n’?” I asked, the other day while calling home to see what was on the lunch menu.“I’m hot,” came the cranky reply. Apparently so.
Arriving there a short time later, what do I find but the front door wide open and the ol’ gal sitting at the kitchen table with nary a stitch on.“What’s up?” I ask.“It’s cold out there,” she replied.“No kidding,” sez I. “About 30 below.”“Yeah,” she sighs back. “Finally a breath of fresh air.
”Okie dokie.“
Aren’t you taking your coat off?” she says, a few minutes later, while sitting a bowl of ice-glazed soup down on the table.”“Naw, that’s alright, I’m good.”Now, I’ve had cold soup before but that was in Mexico and it was spiced up enough to bring out the sweat beads without being heated. My soup of the other day didn’t contain any of those spices, though, but given the general, ahem, state of frigidness in the air, I deemed it wise not to offer up too many complaints or suggestions.
“Good soup,” I say, letting a cold pea thaw on my tongue...So, perhaps you can understand why I’m getting a tad keen about heading out to fill up the grocery cart with a few bushels of pomegranates in the hope I may just be able to get a little heat flowing through the house again.(Ohh, and, then there’s the mood swings but I ain’t touching that one ...)Big Belly Bob has had some experience in this regard, too, but he don’t like to talk about it much.
The Warden even has a tome I have been hoping to borrow called the Menopause Bible but since Big Belly Bob has now made that little puppy mandatory daily reading in his household, I’m thinking the chances of getting my hands on it are about slim to none.Speaking of Triple B, though, all the talk around the shop these days is about rear ends and, on that score, come to find out, Two-Step Teddy is apparently pretty close to an expert. Who’d-a-thunk it? We figured the only thing big, ol’ wooly Two-Step was an expert at, was knowing which end of the bottle the rum poured out. Just goes to show it still is possible to learn something new every day.“You should’ve seen ol’ steady Teddy checking out my rear end the other night,” Big Belly said with a chuckle, as he recounted the experience. “He just crawled right under the ol’ pumpkin and got his hands right in there, just as greasy as the rest of us.”The rear end in question here belongs to Triple B’s plow truck – or rather, the old spare 4X4 Chevy he is set to rebuilding into a plow truck.
Turns out there were some gears and the like in there that had to be replaced and after Caper had his hands into the works the other night and twisted off a bolt (when Cape gets onto a stubborn bolt you can be sure it is going to bloody well turn one way or another), the steady hands of Two-Step had to be called into action to operate the acetylene torch.Triple B had contemplated giving up the ghost on his old plow truck in favour of buying a new snow blower but the Warden put the kibosh to that after finding out she was to be the intended operator.At any rate, back to this pomegranate thing. Sure hope that works because these hormonal changes are some hard on the system. And they can’t be too much fun for the ol’ gal either considering – oh, just hang on a second the phone’s ringing... Uh oh, ‘better take that call, man, I swear sometimes that woman must have ESP ...

I love my Omega 5 oil products

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