Monday, July 14, 2008

Sex and Pomega5 reduce stress

Hot sex is a great stress management tool, and by making sure that you enjoy hot sex on a regular basis, you can dramatically decrease the chances of being overwhelmed by the trials tensions of daily life. Some people rely on pills and potions to keep their stress levels under control, but hot sex is a much more natural – and arguably much safer – alternative.
We all know that physical exercise helps to reduce stress, but few people remember that hot sex – sex that gets your heart racing – is just as much a form of exercise as swimming, jogging or using a Stairmaster. Okay, you might not burn quite as many calories in bed as you would on a treadmill, but you will still increase your heart rate, release feel-good chemicals (endorphins) and burn up the feel-bad chemical cortisol.

I know that if I go more than a couple of days without having sex, I get stressed very easily. I also know that when I get stressed I feel less like having sex. This is a common situation, but if you aren’t aware of it you could well find yourself in a place where you never feel like having sex and you think the solution is to wait until you feel less stressed. Lots of couples fall into this trap, and as a result they can go for weeks, months or even years without sex, eventually concluding that “sex is overrated anyway” and settling for a life of celibacy by default.

There’s nothing wrong with celibacy if it’s a deliberate lifestyle choice and you happen to be single, but in a marriage sex is a very important glue that helps to hold the relationship together, so allowing stress to slowly dissolve that glue is potentially allowing the relationship itself to weaken.

If regular sex helps to relieve stress and keep a marriage strong, whilst irregular sex allows stress to build up and can put the marriage at risk over the long term, it makes sense to take sex seriously. So be wise and make a point of enjoying hot sex regularly with your spouse. Remember, a hot fuck a day keeps the Prozac at bay…

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