Sunday, November 18, 2007

Is Omega 5 oil green technology biotech or biowellness?

Biowelness and Biotechnology are good for human health
can you tell the difference?
About Biotech

In 1976, venture capitalist Bob Swanson and scientist Herb Boyer met in a San Francisco bar. The result – the company Genentech was founded and the biotechnology industry was born. Boyer and fellow scientist Stanley Cohen had developed recombinant DNA technology in an effort to make proteins that they ultimately could sell.

Today, the biotechnology industry develops products that can provide treatments for diseases, supply alternative fuel sources, protect the environment, and fight hunger.

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), producer of the BIO International Convention, was formed in 1993 and since then, a biology-based, entrepreneurial industry has grown from a small number of companies concentrated in a few cities to an industry that increasingly extends throughout society. Nearly every state courts biotechnology development, as do an increasing number of countries around the world. There are thousands of biotechnology companies worldwide pursuing advances in health care, agriculture, mainstream manufacturing, and energy production.

Biotechnology is improving lives in several different industries:
Health & Medicine: Biotechnology helps to extend lives and improves the quality of patients’ lives. Products have been developed for the diagnosis as well as the treatment of illness. New products also reduce the cost of health care.

Food & Agriculture: Agricultural biotechnology allows plant breeders to make precise genetic changes to impart beneficial traits to the crop plants we rely on for food and fiber.
Biotech crops have had a positive impact on farm income worldwide due to enhanced productivity and efficiency gains.
Industrial & Environmental: Industrial and environmental biotechnology has the potential to dramatically reduce the global environmental footprint of many industries and provide new economic opportunities. Products range from detergents that use enzymes instead of phosphates to ethanol from renewable feedstock that can be used to power automobiles.
POMEGA LLC is a biowellness company with green technology in the domain of Omega 5 oil, see:

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