Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Aging Venture Capital Firms May Need An Omega 5 Oil Shot In The Arm To Regain Their Mojo...

Some VCs are hanging by the thread

Investors focused on acquiring stakes in venture capitalists' unwanted portfolio companies anticipate a sharp pickup in business as funds created in the boom years of 1999 and 2000 approach the end of their 10-year life.

More than 28,000 companies have been funded since 1990 that so far have not gone public, gotten sold or been written off, according to figures from Thomson Venture Economics' VentureXpert database.
That creates investment candidates for a small universe of firms that include Lake Street Capital and Saints Capital, both based in San Francisco, and New York-based W Capital Partners, which has $1.5 billion of invested capital under management. They buy whole portfolios from VCs and sort through those various company stakes searching for value.

A bulge of investment funds nearing the 10-year mark as the economy teeters on recession may provide more opportunities as other means of exiting shut down.
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