Thursday, October 11, 2007

POMEGA5 Lotion Review

Product Review: Pomega5 Lotion
100% Natural Hand and Body Lotion
By Aktiv8 F8

Beauty products are one of those "must-try" items that always seem to reach my attention when in a grocery store, especially the health foods store. Beauty products are very difficult to purchase though since new studies are coming out each day stating that studies show that an ingredient is no longer good for the body. For this reason, I tend to stick to the natural ingredients that contain no parabens when I purchase hand creams. Pomega5: Oil For Life is one of those beauty products that has natural powers and will change the way you view creams today.

Pomega5 is constructed from pomegranates that have throughout history been a symbol for health, fertility and eternal life since it contains. Now, this does not mean that I believe this lotion will make anyone fertile or life beyond his/her years however it does make for a healthy glow and soft feeling on the skin. Pomegranates contain special antioxidants that actually have been known to help treat diabetes, hypertension gastric inflammation, as well as external skin diseases in Persia throughout history. In addition, it is a good source for healthy skin since it contains natural phytoestrogens.

Pomegranates support and maintain:*Skin Health and Appearance*Breast, Uterine and Prostate Health*Management of Menopausal Symptoms and Related Conditions*Weight Management and Metabolic Health*Blood Circulation and Balance of pH Levels
Pomega5 Offers:*No Parabens*Only those plant ingredients known for their restoring and nourishing properties*Skin calming benefits*Anti-aging benefits*Naturally preservative-free*No synthetics or perfumes*Dermatologist tested
So, when I saw this new healing cream in the health foods store, I was really excited. I had first heard about it from this years' Sundance Film Festival, since it was a celebrity free gift. At Sundance Film Festival, Pomega5 gave away a red silk hat box full of Healing Cream, Cleansing Bar and Pure Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil and other Pomega5 internal supplements. Usually I do not purchase anything that has been given away to celebrities, well just for being celebrities, but this product I really thought was a good natural purchase.

I took off the clear cap and pressed the top down to have a creamy sensation pump out. It really did have a wonderful scent and was only enriched with the very creamy feeling. Maybe it was just because I was thinking about it being made only from natural products but I felt like it was light on the skin and felt natural. It was almost like smoothing water over my skin, it was just not heavy at all. After the first usage I could tell that my $68.00 purchase was well worth the money. My skin was as soft as a "baby's bottom" as some people like to put it. In addition, after a few days of using the product my skin felt clean, light and has a special glow unlike after other creams.

Pomega5 is from extra-virgin cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil that is exclusively grown organically in the Mediterranean. So, if you are able to purchase a cream that will last a long time, I suggest this premiere cream that can be used all over the body. Yes, it does cost a little more than people are used to paying however a little goes a long way and the results are amazing!

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