Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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Punuca Granatum (P0megranate) and its potential for prevention and treatment of inflammation and cancer

By: Ephraim Lansky, and Robert Newman.

A comprehensive discussion of the benefits of the pomegranate tree.

24 Jun 2007 by Robert O. Young D.Sc., Ph.D. The experimental group was pretreated with 5% pomegranate seed oil prior to each TPA application. Tumor incidence, the number of mice containing at least one tumor, was 100% and 93%, and multiplicity, the average number of tumors per ...Articles of Health - http://articlesofhealth.blogspot.com/[ More results from Articles of Health ]

5 Jun 2007 POMega5™ captures the miracle of the pomegranate in the first line of skin treatments and nutritional supplements made with organic, ultra-premium, extra-virgin cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil, the most potent part of the pomegranate ...popgloss's all Wists - http://www.wists.com/popgloss/all

‘New’ Super Fruit Products are Good for Your Skin, Body
4 May 2007 by Priscilla Pomega5™, a new organic wellness and skincare company based in Northern California, has recently launched a line of organic pomegranate seed oil nutritional supplements and therapeutic skin care. Capturing the miracle of the pomegranate ...MyDocHub Blog - http://mydochub.com/blog

25 Jun 2007 In a second experiment, two groups each consisting of three CD(1) mice were used to assess the effect of pomegranate seed oil on TPA-stimulated ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) activity, an important event in.Skin Cancer - http://yourpharmacia.com/blogs/Skin-Cancer/

24 Jun 2007 by simra By Robert O. Young D.Sc., Ph.D.(Robert O. Young D.Sc., Ph.D.) Both groups had skin cancer initiated with an initial topical exposure of 7,12-dimethylbenzanthracene and with biweekly promotion using 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate ...Skin Care Tips - News and information for... - http://skincare.simra.net

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