Monday, September 3, 2007

The new OMEGA 5 oil un-soap - a fantastic exfoliating treatment for a healthy look

The Pomegranate

The POMEGA5 Cleansing Bar

Beauty has no age, boundries or color
sense the pomegranates

Great Soaps use higher quality ingredients and certain additives to delivergentle but thorough cleansing, abundant lather and fragrance, a luxurious feel,and beneficial skin properties.

FragranceThe quality and complexity of the fragrance oils (a great fragrance may have 300 individual elements), the amount of oil used in each soap, and the compatibility of the oils with the soap base (Great Soaps undergo extensive testing for this) all impact how a soap smells.
Soap BaseSoaps use tallow oils (derived from animals) or vegetable oils as their primary base. Great Soaps use pure vegetable oils (such as Palm and Palm Kernal oils) for their exceptional cleansing characteristics, luxurious lather, and mildness. Glycerin is often added to Great Soaps for its natural moisturizing qualities. And vegetable bases are completely biodegradable. Many mass soaps use tallow as a base, producing bars that are harsher on skin (that squeeky clean feel often means that the outer layers of moisture have been stripped away!) and harder to lather and rinse.
AdditivesA Great Soap uses additives to do more than cleanse. Look for some of the following additives:
Exfoliating Additives scrape away dead skin cells and expose healthy skin. These additives include bran (wheat, rice), oatmeal, peel (orange, lemon), nut powder (avocado, walnut), seed powder (apricot, peach), glycolic acid, fruit acids, beads, pumice.
Moisturizing Additives increase a Soap's care characteristics. Be careful of claims here. Since Soap remains on the skin for a brief time in a high water environment there is limited opportunity for these ingredients to have the same impact as they would in a lotion. These additives include butter (shea, cocoa, avocado), nut oils (apricot kernel, almond), milk lipids, honey, soybean oil, glycerides (palm, palm kernal), glycerin, sodium PCA, sorbitol.
Antioxidizing Additives include many fruit extracts (green tea, grapefruit, grape seed


Trent said...

Before the turn of the century, many cosmetics and skin treatments were either homemade or compounded by a pharmacist. Many individuals used herbs, fruit and vegetables found in their gardens to treat skin ailments. Today, we can make many of these natural remedies ourselves with supplies available at our local health-food stores, mail order, or even on the Internet. If you make your own skin care products, you will definitely have complete control over how natural the final product actually is. Search for a great reference guide, to help you determine what ingredients to utilize appropriately together. Even with natural ingredients, you must be aware of their actions and use them correctly.

To determine the right skin care regimen for yourself, you will definitely have to focus on the proper treatments for your skin type and choose those you enjoy the most. Personalization is the key. Try to remember though, as your skin or environment changes, so should your skin care treatments. The only way you are going to be able to maintain the true beauty of your complexion is to treat it appropriately. Three simple steps ----Cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice a day, every day --- will help keep your skin healthy and protect it from the stresses of daily life.
Before you purchase the POMEGA5 oi, remember:

Our skin renewal process takes about 28 days, more or less depending on our age, genetics, and metabolism.

Follow your skin regimen faithfully for at least three to four weeks and you will definitely start to notice true results.


Eco Beauty said...

What: Pomega5 Cleansing Bar

Why: Call the Pomega5 pomegranate cleansing bar an exfoliate, a moisturizer, or even an antioxidant super power. But whatever you do, don’t call it a bar of soap.

Made from pomegranate seed oil, organic olive oil, herbs and more than five other essential oils, this bar is strongly scented with invigorating tones. Put simply, it smells like something you’d feel good rubbing on your skin.

Produced in Israel, the Pomega5 bar is handmade and dried in the strong sun, ensuring that no two are exactly alike. There is no heavy residue, but the skin is softer after use making it an excellent 2-in-1 body and face cleanser.

Eco Beauty